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Divorce Attorney in Morgantown, West Virginia

Divorce Attorney in Morgantown, WV
Divorce is always an unpleasant legal matter to deal with. Thankfully, you have the law office of Solomon & Solomon on your side. As your personal divorce attorney, we strive to reduce the headaches associated with divorce. Our goal is to help you reach an agreeable settlement as quickly and amicably as possible.
There are several factors to consider in divorce proceedings as each state varies in their divorce laws. Listed below are some areas where we can assist you when considering or filing for divorce:
• Child Support
• Child Custody
• Assets
• Grounds for Divorce
• State Divorce Requirements
• Annulment & Separation
• Divorce Mediation & Agreement
Personal Consultations
If you are filing for divorce but are not sure where to begin, call us. Our friendly attorneys will walk you through the process and ensure that your rights and best interests are protected at all times. As always, consultation are free.
Contact us at (800) 834-0172 in Morgantown, West Virginia, to schedule a consultation with your divorce attorney today.